Beer. Glorious Beer.

My Name Is Johnny

Johnny Lager

That’s me.

Johnny Lager is my name and I review beer.

Let me start by saying that the best is the one you’re enjoying at that moment. The second best beer is whichever one drink when you’re not drinking your current one.

That being said, in my not so humble opinion, India pale ales are not good beer. I know they’re trendy as hell right now,  but that still doesn’t make them good. I also know that many people will disagree with me and that’s their right. I first had an IPA approximately 4 years ago and thought it was horrible. Over the last four years my opinion hasn’t changed. So on this site you will not see me reviewing any IPAs. However, if you’re into them and want to submit your IPA review for consideration, I’d be glad to give it a read. You can email me at johnny AT johnnylager DOT com.

What you will see is reviews of beers such as porters, stouts, bocks and of course, lagers. It is my last name you know. ;-)

You will see reviews of many Southern California microbrews. When I travel you will see reviews of microbrews from other locations whether it be within or outside the United States. And though I choose to mainly review microbrews, if a new beer shows up from a large brewery, I won’t hesitate to give it a try. Though admittedly I won’t have high hopes for it.

Allow me to run down a list of breweries in the Southern California area that I shall be reviewing beers from in the coming weeks.

  • The Bruery
  • La Verne Brewing Company
  • Third Shift
  • Hangar 24
  • I & I Brewing
  • Taps Fish House
  • Bootleggers
  • Dale Bros

There are many more breweries in Southern California opening all the time so as they pop up, and friends want to go out for a drink, I’ll be trying new beers and posting the reviews here.